The Disc Jockey was originally the catalyst to weaving the fabric of entertainment together. The way a DJ can seamlessly blend songs using turntables or CD players really is a reflection of the way people come together when listening to good music.

DJ hands on turntablesWhether it’s intended to be a dance party or not, the music adds a soundtrack to the series of events that happens.

Have you ever noticed that you remember events so much more vividly when you can tie them to a song?

I know that happens to me all of the time. I can’t say I remember every little detail about the people that I was in relationships with, but I remember vividly the break-up songs that came on the radio.

There are a couple kinds of DJs that are worth considering.

Mobile DJ Service

The mobile DJ is usually the bottom of the food chain when it comes to getting the props they deserve. Mainly, this is because there are so many cheesy and terrible mobile DJ services.

When you find a good mobile DJ it’s usually hard to book that DJ on a regular basis because people start referring the DJ and everyone wants to use them.

A mobile DJ is also the DJ most likely to be found at a wedding. Check out this company for wedding DJ:

Nightclub DJ

Many DJs these days don’t have real nightclub experience. You can pretty much download some songs, buy some equipment and be a DJ in the course of a week’s time.

When you find a deejay that really has put in some time in the clubs, that DJ is more likely to be someone you can trust to keep the party going all night. To find a really impressive club DJ you might want to check out Snapfuze:

Celebrity DJ

In addition to the night club and mobile DJ services, the DJ that is most coveted is the celebrity DJ.

It’s very difficult to hire these DJs because they’re usually travelling across the globe or spinning a party for other celebrities. It will cost you a pretty penny to hire a celebrity DJ but it can dramatically change the feel of your event.

Everyone feels like a VIP when a celebrity DJ is in the building. Just be careful who you hire. Make sure to get some recommendations first, because you could end up with a high maintenance nut job on your hands. I’ve always had good luck with Snapfuze DJ service:

Party on and keep the fabric strong!

It seems like we’re seeing photo booth rentals and DJ services together all the time these days.

Makes sense that a company would want to offer both of those services since they really do make the party individually, so if you stick both of them together you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good time.

Well… only if the mobile DJ is good and the photo booth works well and prints good quality images.

There are quite a few good companies in the Detroit, Michigan area that do both services, so it’s generally pretty easy to book the right rental service and focus on the rest of your event planning.

I’ve been to so many events where the DJ is less than great. It takes a toll on everyone at the event, because instead of dancing to exciting songs everyone is criticizing the music and saying how they could have done better with their iPhones.

This video is pretty interesting. Check out this guy putting together his photo booth and DJ setup from scratch:

DJ, Disc Jockey or Deejay

One thing that I always wondered is if the full word that DJ is the abbreviation for is disc jockey, or disk jockey? I think back in the 80s disk was generally spelled with a ‘k’, but now the spelling with the ‘c’ is more widely accepted. At least that’s what they say about a Disc Jockey over at Wikipedia.
That article also reminded me that Deejay is another popular spelling.

Photo Booth or Photobooth

I’ve never really known which is the correct spelling of photo booth either. Judging by the red squiggly line my word processor is putting under the word, I think the more popular way is to separate the two words. I’m sure either is fine for general usage.

That’s enough of the semantics though. A photo booth kiosk is always a great addition to just about any party.

The few times that I haven’t seen people going buck wild in the photo booth it was because there hadn’t been enough drinking going on yet. Either that, or the focus at the event was on something else.

What I mean about the focus is that I went to a concert once and nobody wanted to move and potentially lose their spot for the show, so they didn’t frequent the photo booth because of it.

How does fabric fit into photo booth rental and DJ services? Well, I think life is a fabric and fun is one of the most important factors we have to make sure we get enough of.

Anything that helps us come together and bond is great for our spirits and souls.

I hope to catch you soon in the photo booth, listening so some good music from a jammin’ DJ!

Group taking photo in photo booth

Interested in a curtain style photo booth rental for your upcoming event?

Curtain Style Photo Booth Rental

If so , you’ll want to make sure to choose the right fabric for the structure so that you don’t end up with a booth that doesn’t fit in with the rest of your event.

There are several choices for curtain style booths. The main available options are:

  • Black – the most traditional choice
  • Grey – makes photos look great but isn’t widely available
  • Custom – some companies offer custom colors

One of the best companies to check out for curtain style photo booth rental is They offer various color options including black, grey and custom color choices.

In addition to backdrop colors, they offer lots of different feature upgrades like unlimited prints, props, photo scrapbooks.

They also have some of the more expensive, but really fun options like green screen and a projector to see the photos live in full HD.  I really do think they are one of the best photo booth companies Detroit has to offer:

Open-Air Style Photo Booth Rental

Although the curtain style photo booth is the more traditional option, the open air seems to be increasingly more popular in recent years.

The open air style gives you so many more options for backdrops because companies will often have several stock backdrop choices on hand, plus they may also be able to custom print a backdrop with any graphic you can think of.

Just make sure that you go for fabric printed backdrops and not vinyl.  The vinyl ones will often have a glare that messes up the quality of the photos.

I like the open air style because it makes you feel like you’re on a red carpet. In fact, I believe Photobooth-Detroit actually offers red carpet rentals to go along with their booths. At least, I know they offer it for service in Michigan:

Whether you choose an open air or a curtain style booth, the fabric choice can really make or break the atmosphere at your event and the final photos.

Choose wisely!

Bride with photo booth scrapbookLife is so much better when you smile. Smiling is inevitable when you’re in a photo booth!

Best Photo Booth Rental Ever

The best photo booth I’ve seen was from Photo Booth Plus. Check out their photo booth rental service

They include props, unlimited use of the photo booth and a print for each guest no matter what package you choose.
They also have the best selection of fabric backdrops that I’ve seen from a photo booth company. They include everything from a chevron pattern to a gold sequin backdrop.

You can also upgrade to a fabric red carpet style backdrop. The kind with the staggered logos on it that you always see on TV for red carpet events.

Otherwise you might think of creating your own fabric backdrop. You can use a sheet that you find around the house, double it up and hang it from a clothesline.  Make sure you have a wall behind the sheet though or you may be able to see through the sheet in the photo.

In addition to birthday parties and graduations they do wedding photo booths

To me though the most impressive work I’ve seen is when they do 4×6″ prints for corporate events. They work with companies like Rock Financial, Quicken Loans, Yelp, The Fillmore Detroit and many other places you know.

Check out their corporate photo booth rentals here:

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